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HELLO B&B has been all about manufacturing baby children clothes. We believe that only focusing on our passion, what we good at will deliver to our customers the best results. In the end, customers will recognize and accolade our efforts.

  • Quality:

For the past 20 years, HELLO B&B has always been the pioneer in our work; to create and product the highest standards to meet the needs and fulfill the love for our babies and we are still continue to do so.

For the past 20 years, we are the expert in utilize natural 100% cotton with highest standard sewing techniques. We import machines from Japan, Italy, and Thailand to support the manufacturing process such as sewing machines, embroidering machines, spreading machines, cutting machines, etc. With thorough investments, products from HELLO B&B, BabyOne, GigiGirls, TonyBoys, GirlyOne, KiddyOne have the following advantages:

            Easy to absorb sweat; Do not irritate baby’s skin.

            Do not rub baby’s skin; Do not cause itch.

            No deformation or discoloration after washing.

  • Achievement:

For many years, HELLO B&B’s products have been chosen to be high-quality Vietnamese products (HVNCLC). Not only that, HELLO B&B’s products also have been selected by Tu Du Hospital to be qualified products for babies.

HELLO B&B is a prime partner of Aeon Mall, Emart, SATRA, Giant Phu My Hung, Co.opMart, BigC,…